All Sunday School classes meet from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

If you need help finding a classroom, please visit our Welcome Center in The Commons or ask a greeter at any entrance and they will be more than happy to show you the way.



  • 3K – Malambri Center Room 147

  • 4K – Malambri Center Room 145

Elementary School

  • 5K - Malambri Center Room 231

  • 1st Grade – Malambri Center Room 227

  • 2nd Grade – Malambri Center Room 225

  • 3rd Grade – Malambri Center Room 221

  • 4th Grade - Malambri Center Room 220

  • 5th & 6th Grades – Malambri Center Room 219


Sunday school classes for youth in grades 7th - 12th take place in the youth wing located on the second floor over the administrative offices. The classes are designed to help youth study the Bible and talk about their faith in ways that are real and relevant to them. Central has a comprehensive 6-Year Sunday School Learning Plan using LIVE Curriculum. The plan outlines what will be taught each year.

Friends are always welcome! Materials will be provided for all participants. Youth are encouraged to bring their Bibles to class, but are not required. Please come and join a class for fellowship, fun, and discussion. Parents are always welcome too!

Finding the Way

Room 172

We are all at different stages as we walk with Jesus within our daily lives, and we can help each other in our walks in so many ways. Come join us as we aim to find a deeper understanding, love and knowledge of Jesus.

Spiritual Journeys

Room 276

This class is primarily comprised of people in their 20's and 30's. It is discussion based and focuses on various themes in the Christian faith. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your path." Proverbs 3:5-6

Open Door

Room 273

We are a small group of both singles and couples of all ages. This class was started in January of 2016, so we are very new! Class members choose what we would like to study, and volunteers lead the discussion. Our goal is to walk down the path of life as Jesus would. As we walk together, we become friends who offer support and encouragement. We would love to have you join us!

Christian Discussion

Room 277

Primarily in our 40's through 60's, but all ages are welcome. We use formal lessons (adult Bible study or other United Methodist literature), current events, contemporary culture, and fellowship. Missions, liberally sprinkled with humor and grounded in the Word of God, to grow toward four goals: 1) An always closer relationship with God through Christ, 2) Constant seeking of His will for our lives, 3) Faith and trust to surrender to his will, and 4) Love for all our brothers and sisters. Discussion is encouraged, but voluntary. Everyone is welcome. Jerry Peace and Debby Stephens share teaching duties.

New Horizons

Room 279

We are adults in our 50's and 60's - the “sandwich generation.” Our class is led by its own members, and we discuss a variety of topics in an informal atmosphere. We meet monthly to eat or see a movie and just enjoy each others' company. We hope you’ll consider a visit!

Sunshine Class

Room 179

This is a class for mentally, physically, or visually challenged adults or anyone who wants to spread sunshine. We enjoy helping people. We are very concerned about family, friends, and anyone who has problems.

New Beginnings

Room 272

This class consists primarily of adults in their 20's-50's, but all ages are welcome! We welcome married couples, parents of growing children, and professional singles. We participate in various missions in the community and church. Lessons are instructor-led with group discussion on real life, contemporary Christian issues. We meet socially for family events and a Christmas gathering each year. Join us for coffee and conversation!

Searching Disciples

Room 275

The Searching Disciples class is an interesting and diverse mix of ages and stages of life from late 30s and up. Lessons are focused on small group, round-table discussions. This class seeks to grow in faith and examine a variety of viewpoints. Outreach projects are of special interest to most who attend this class.

Sarah Blanton-Philathea

Room 174

Mixed age group from 40's to 80's of both couples and singles. A variety of teachers lead discussion of Adult Bible Studies curriculum. Members enjoy caring fellowship, coffee, hymns, and devotions. The group participates in and supports a variety of service projects. This is a large class with an average attendance of 60 people.

Wesley Fellowship

Room 170

This class is for singles and couples ranging from 50's - 100's. The class is small, but growing! We have five excellent teachers who teach on a rotating basis. The lessons are based on The International Sunday School material. Discussion is encouraged to seek a variety of viewpoints. Our goal is to grow in faith and love for God and for our fellow man. We have a strong interest in supporting church projects, mission, and outreach needs. Music and social activities are important to our class. Part of our social activity is to go out for lunch once a month. 

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