Communication Request

All request forms should only be filled out by Central Staff members. If you are a Central member or ministry leader, please send your project or event details to your staff representative to use when completing the appropriate forms. If you are not sure which staff member you need to contact, please call the church office at 843-662-3218.

Please do not submit the Event Request form until the event is confirmed in Facility Scheduler.


This form is for new or repeated events, classes, etc. It includes promotional materials and publicity you may need before your event as well as print materials you may need the day of your event. 


This form is for projects you may need such as website updates, revising an older project, brochures, reprinting jobs, etc. This is also the form you may use if you forgot to ask for promotional materials you need for an event after already submitting an event request form.


This form is for articles you want included in the bulletin that are not about events submitted through the Event Request form or the Project Request form. You may also use this form if you forgot to check the "Bulletin Blurb" option on one of the other request forms before submitting it.