Do You Care?

"Do you care?" is a question that gets to the heart of our relationship with others.  We'd like people to agree with us.  We'd like them to support us.  We'd like them to like us.  But, whether they agree, support, or like us, the question at the core of the relationship is one of care.  I can't agree with everything my children or even my wife offers up or chooses to do (nor can they with me), but even when we disagree, there is no doubt that we care for one another.

When the disciples asked Jesus if he cared that they were perishing, they were asking a deeply relational question.  Do we matter to you or not?  As an indication that they mattered a great deal and as further proof that Jesus was divine, he calmed the storm that threatened their lives.  It was a significant indication that he cared.  There would be more indications, none more significant than his willingness to die for them.  Jesus cared.

Jesus cares.  He cares for you and me.  He doesn't agree with everything you or I say, but he cares anyway.  He doesn't support all we do, but he still cares.  He might not always like how we act or what we're like, but he cares.  Regardless of what we encounter or even cause, storms or calm, good or bad, Jesus cares for us.  When we are confident of that, we begin to experience a peace in our spirit that will see us through the storms, the calm, the good, and the bad.  It grows our confidence that we matter to Jesus, whatever we cause or face.  And that assurance helps us through whatever storms or calm life may bring.