Who is Jesus?

The gospel reading for this Sunday (Mark 4:35-41) shows that Jesus was human - he slept in the stern after a long day of ministry - and divine - he calmed the storm that the disciples thought would kill them. 

While we're prone to get wrapped up in the how did he do it side of miracles, Mark wants us to consider the why and who of it.  Why did he calm the storm?  Who, as the disciples ask at the end of the passage, is this man that even the wind and sea obey?

Who is Jesus?  If you're reading this, you likely have a an idea, probably a good idea.  One of the reasons we return to the gospels is continue to hone our understanding and our relationship.  Is he asleep while we flail about in the storms of life?  If he present to bring an overwhelming calm once we ask?

These are the kind of questions on my mind as I'm getting ready for worship this Sunday and as I'm sorting through the stormy and calm aspects of our lives and world.  I hope to see you in worship.