Reminder of God's Beautiful Creation

These Words from Will began with the purposes of previewing and reviewing Sunday's messages.  When I'm not present to hear those messages, the review becomes more than challenging.  I can guess what our preachers said, wait until I can listen to the recordings before I write, accept what is reported to me as an accurate description, or opine on something related, if not directly, to the theme of the day.  Let's go with the latter.

Since the Holy Spirit was the focal point of both sermons, I'm wondering what the Spirit did among you.  I feel confident that while I was eating a bad fast food breakfast outside of Atlanta, then driving across Georgia, you were experiencing something more of the Spirit than I did yesterday.  I had a more Spirit-filled day Saturday hiking Georgia mountains with my son, but not yesterday morning.  I don't have to hear a report about the services to know that what you experienced in worship at Central drew you closer to God than what I experienced on Interstate 20.

I hear, a little too often, that one can worship God wherever that person may be.  While true, what I don't hear enough is another truth: one worships God better in certain locations than others.  The waterfall we visited Saturday was a reminder of God's beautiful creation.  It inspired both silence and prayer.  Our long car ride, even with people we love, was less inspiring.  Neither the waterfall nor the car ride, however, was set-aside time, with well-designed and prepared worship services.  The awe of seeing the waterfall might match the awe of hearing voices come together in praise, but then we moved on quickly to hiking more and talking about all sorts of things (both worthwhile activities, just not set up for the purposes of worship, the way Sunday mornings at church are).

I won't claim that every minute of a corporate worship service draws me closer to God.  I will claim that the likelihood is much higher that those minutes in services will draw me closer to God than most anything else I do on a weekly basis.  So, while I do relish the Sundays away that enable us to enjoy rest, travel, and family time, being gone helps me realize the good that we have available to us every Sunday at Central.  I'm glad we have more Sundays here than away.