"He is risen, indeed."

Christians might get away with giving the entire Easter season to reminding one another, "He is risen, indeed," if there was any indication that's how Jesus would have us celebrate.  Jesus, however, seems to want us to do something with the news.  The very day that Mary Magdalene and the disciples began telling one another this news, Jesus showed up and started pushing them beyond an interior monologue.  He burst through a locked door to shove them outside the doors.  Of course he was working with disciples made reluctant by fear, so it took a second shove to get them going - see Sunday's gospel reading, John 20:19-31.

Once Jesus gave the gift of the Holy Spirit, things did get going.  Sunday's reading from Acts (4:32-35) points to a group of Christians living in remarkable ways.  The resurrected Lord and the enlivening Spirit moved them to live atypical lives: they were more concerned with all having what they needed than with individuals having all they wanted.  Their living, in fact, became a testimony to the resurrection."He is risen, indeed."

How they lived as a response to "He is risen, indeed," challenges us to not just say these powerful words to one another, but to live the words within and beyond the church walls.  Join us Sunday to celebrate these words' meaning and to consider how their meaning moves in our lives beyond our Sunday celebrations.