Life in the Church

Weekends like this one exemplify what is great about life in the church. 

Today, golfers will enjoy a beautiful day and time of fellowship together, building relationships in the Body of Christ. 

Tomorrow, servants will gather at 7 a.m. in The Commons at Central for a light breakfast, then go in Jesus' name to improve a home and, therefore, the life of its inhabitants through the Christmas in April home repair ministry.  There is work for all skills and experience levels.  Join us. 

Sunday during the 11:15 a.m. sanctuary service, we will confirm 22 students into professing membership at Central.

You aren't born into professing membership and those baptized as infants and toddlers weren't baptized into professing membership, either.  At some point a Christian needs to stand up and say aloud, "I believe in, love, and follow Jesus and, because of that, I accept the calling of God and this church on my life."

The 22 who will do that Sunday have been preparing for this day since their baptisms and, in a more concentrated form, throughout this year.  They have been on retreats, had Sunday School lessons led by the clergy, and met with mentors.  It's as if they, like the Ethiopian in Acts 8:31, recognized that they cannot understand the faith and have invited others to be their guides.

They won't claim to fully understand the faith in time for Sunday's service - nor will I about myself.  The life of faith is a journey.  Confirmation and profession of faith is a significant marker along that journey, but, if it goes as it should, it's a marker that leads to many more moments of deepening faith and understanding.  That happens, as Sunday's gospel reading (John 15:1-8) teaches us, when we abide or remain in or stay connected with Jesus.  There are a variety of means of grace to help us stay connected with him and worship and service are notable ones among them. 

This weekend you have the opportunity to serve and worship Jesus and celebrate with others who do.  I'm grateful to be serving, worshiping, and celebrating with you.