Bright Week

Happy Easter Monday!

It dawned on me recently that I've used the term "Easter Monday" regularly, but have stopped there. I was curious if the days keep going. Could I wish someone a "Happy Easter Tuesday?"

I looked it up and, sure enough, Easter Monday is just the beginning. Like Holy Week (Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, etc.), Easter Week designates a week of Easter Days (Easter Monday, Easter Tuesday, etc.). I like that the celebration is meant to continue beyond Easter Day or even the day after that. It should go on all week. Indeed, in worship services, we have an entire 50-day season of Easter.

Researching this, I stumbled into something else that made me smile: the Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Rite Catholic churches call today "Bright Monday" and this "Bright Week." This is the day, the week to let the resurrection lift us and shine brightly through us. It's like a week full of bright colors and bright spirits, but so much more so.

Don't let the grime of the world dull the brightness of these days. God resurrected Jesus from the dead, defeating sin and death forevermore, making life abundant available to all - that's reason to stand in awe and to smile brightly, even to giggle.

Happy Bright Week!