Evidence of our Love

As expected, the students did excellently leading our worship yesterday.  As expected, our supportive congregation was grateful to have been under their leadership.  The music, liturgy, and words shared were all quite good.

I leaned in to listen when our preachers said she had been waiting for years for the opportunity to preach.  I wasn't sure what was on her mind or what she'd do with the opportunity.  Thankfully she had no ax to grind.  I was also relieved when she admitted that preparing a sermon "is not as easy as it looks."

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hear all 3 sermons (since 2 were at the same time), but I took a lot from the two I heard.  Those seniors rose to the challenge of a tough passage about obedience (Hebrews 5:5-10 - read that and imagine what you'd say to our congregation - it's not as easy as it looks) and spoke faithfully from it.  They went far deeper than just "Do what those in authority tell you to."

There was talk of callouses that develop when learning and improving as a musician, which was likened to callouses that come over the course of learning and improving as a disciple.  Getting better as a disciple requires more than wishing it would happen.  Watching someone further down the road, mimicking her, asking questions, listening, trying, being humble enough to admit you don't have it all right and committed enough to continue trying are all part of growing as a follower of Jesus.

We were reminded that we won't get it all right and these two truths were laid before us: we are sinful and God is majestic.  If not for our sin, we would not need a high priest to be our eternal sacrifice.  If not for God's majesty, we would not have one.  Jesus' obedience unto death was celebrated as the greatest evidence of God's love for us, which leaves me wondering: what is the evidence of our love for God?

They answered that question for yesterday with the faithful worship offered to God.  What about today?  What evidence of your love for God will shine forth today?  Maybe the refrain from the hymn Here I Am, Lord will guide us: I will go, Lord, if you lead me.  I will hold your people in my heart.