Jonah in Me

I wonder if John and Andrew and James and John were thinking of Jonah's story the day Jesus called them.  Maybe they didn't relish spending three days in the belly of a fish.  They heard Jesus call and immediately followed, we're told.  Jonah's story was the opposite.

Jonah was unwilling to go to Nineveh as God instructed because, well, it was Nineveh.  He, like most of his people, had no use for what they considered to be a corrupt city in a corrupt country.  These were hated enemies.  Why would he give time and effort to call them to repentance and risk God forgiving them?

Jesus' first disciples likely didn't know they would end up ministering in hated Samaria or caring for people classified as "unclean."  We aren't told what they considered when he called or even if they took time to consider what might come of the call.  He called and they followed.

I know there is some Jonah in me.  I hope there is some John, Andrew, James, and John in me, too.

Sunday will give us the opportunity to consider God's calls and our responses.  Not only will the Mark story (Mark 1:14-20) be thought through in the sanctuary and the Jonah story (Jonah 3:1-4:4) be thought through in the The Well, our Confirmation Class will begin their regular group meetings to explore discipleship, our elected leaders will gather for a leadership training event to give added attention to their role in helping make disciples, and a new A Disciple's Path course will kick off (click here to read about it and to register).

I hope all that we do Sunday (and each day we minister together) will result in our being more willing to follow where Jesus leads, to go where Jesus sends, to do what Jesus calls us to do.  You know, more willing to be his disciples.