"You knit me together..."

One of the misguided characterizations of God is that of a bitter parole officer hoping to catch us doing something wrong.  Another equally misguided one is that of a checked-out, indifferent, laissez faire God with too many children and too many problems to care about what you are up to.

God is not bitter toward us or about us and has more joy in us than to hope he'd catch us doing wrong.  And, God is too interested in us and loving toward us to not care what we're up to.

We could probably have an endless conversation about what registers to God as "sin" and what is really just impolite behavior in our parochial society, each of us creating a list that suits our ways of being in the world, but what matters more here is that what we do with our lives, including our bodies. How we treat others is, in fact, reflective of what we believe and how we practice those beliefs.  These things matter to God because we, his children, matter to him.  Paul was convinced of this, as Sunday's epistle reading, 1 Corinthians 6:12-20, makes clear.

This psalm for this Sunday (139)  also emphasizes God's knowledge of us, his care for us.  Our world is closing in on 8 billion people, plus all those other trillions of creatures in God's care, are yet, the psalmist is bold to claim, "You have searched me and known me...you formed my inward parts, you knit me together...you know me very well."

Ours is not an indifferent God and, despite his busy workload, we are not lost to him.

Despite your busy workload, I hope you'll be with us Sunday as we join those who refuse to let God be lost to us. 

Some of our congregation will demonstrate their love for God and neighbor Sunday by gathering at the start of The Well service, then quickly moving to the new build Santahatchie house to help finish the work there.  If you want to be part of that, there's no experience required; just show up in Davis at 9 a.m. wearing work clothes, with gloves in your car, and with a willing spirit.

See you Sunday,