Passages from the Bible

If you open your Bible to Matthew 20:1-16, you might find this section called, "Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard."  But, is that right?  It might be, the laborers are a distinguishing marker of this parable, but are they really the focal point?  What do you notice about the landowner?  He seems critical to the parable's message.

If you turn to Exodus 16:2-15 in your Bible, you might find it entitled, "Bread from Heaven," which is certainly a unique element to this story, but what else is there?  What do we learn of God's character?  What about humanity's?

It is a good exercise to read passages from the Bible and think about how you would entitle them.  The names we choose reflect what we find important (and the name others give to the passages influence how we read them).  As you read the passage, consider what it is about.  Who is the primary actor?  What is the teaching about God and his creation or creatures in the reading?

Join us for worship in the sanctuary Sunday as we consider Jesus' teaching in Matthew 20 or worship with us in The Well where we'll look at the Exodus 16 passage. 

Whichever service you attend, come ready to praise our generous God and with the expectation that God will make his presence known. 

See you Sunday,