Holy Communion

One of my favorite questions is really a form of request.  From time to time, usually after a discussion about sacraments, I’m asked, “Why don’t we have Communion more frequently?”  I always want to hug whoever asks.

They ask because they’ve learned the deep and rich theology that accompanies Communion and that frequent Holy Communion was the Methodist norm in the beginning.  John Wesley encouraged us to receive Communion at least “every Lord’s Day.”  The circuit riding days (when ordained clergy would make it around to the churches about once every three months) got us on a quarterly schedule and after a few years of that people began to think that’s how God intended it.

That Holy Communion is a tangible reminder of God’s presence with us and taken into our lives and that this experience is shared with one another is an indication that more frequent is better than less.  That we can bring our full selves (repentant and joyful are both perfectly appropriate emotions - the reasons we confess our sin during Communion and that one of the names for Communion is Eucharist, which means thanksgiving) to the Lord’s Table and receive his nourishing grace is reason to come often.

At Central we offer Holy Communion every Thursday during the Prayer Service at 12:15 in the Ingram Chapel.  We will also offer Eucharist during all three services this Sunday.  In The Well, J.T. Brown will give his final sermon as our Ministry Intern, in which he’ll reflect on the gift of Jesus feeding us (Matthew 14:13-21).  I’ll preach in the sanctuary services about the wounds of life that remain with us, drawing on Genesis 32:22-31.

You will have the opportunity to thank J.T. for his ministry this summer and to wish him well as he heads off to seminary at Candler School of Theology (Emory University) in Atlanta.  He’ll be in The Commons after the 9:00 and 11:15 services.  Feel free to bring a card to express your appreciation and a gift card to help the young man have some nourishment as he begins the expensive education endeavor ahead. 

See you Sunday,