Children at Play

In Sunday's gospel reading (Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30), Jesus uses a simile.  It's unclear whether the comparison between the children calling out to each other is in reference to the present generation or to John the Baptist and him.  I think it could well be both.

In the simile the children are giving each other a hard time.  One group wants the other to join them in a happy dance, perhaps a wedding song.  The other group wants their counterparts to join them in mournful song, perhaps a funeral dirge.  Neither group budges and, to be sure, each grumbles about the other.

Is that what the present generation is like?  Is it not also true that those are the accusations made about John and Jesus - one is too strict, the other too loose?

I like to watch children at play (and to join them in it).  There is much to be enjoyed and learned.  Thinking of their play gives adults lessons, too.  We'll think about that on Sunday in the sanctuary.

In The Well on Sunday, Central's Lay Leader and one of our certified Lay Servants, Johnny Crouch, will use another method to draw children in - a good old-fashioned story.  Genesis 24:34-39 is a portion of a longer narrative about finding a wife for Abraham's son Isaac.  It is not the story of how you, your children, or your parents found your spouses!  Like all these great stories in the Abraham tradition, it is filled with theological truths and examples of faith and the longer version includes some details you'd probably not teach your children!  Johnny will focus on what all of God's children can use: greater trust in God's leading.

See you Sunday,