Go and Make Disciples

Annual Conference went well this week.  I'm grateful to report that your appointed clergy have been reappointed for the year to come.  Having that confirmed is always a highlight for us.

The other major highlight for Central's delegation this year was the Commissioning and Ordination Service.  We will celebrate Rev. Meg Bryce Jiunnies' being commissioned into the status of Provisional Deacon and Rev. J. Derrick Cattenhead's being ordained a Full Elder this Sunday with a luncheon.  We are the envy of the Conference having those two among our many talented staff and congregation members.  

Part of what makes them so valuable is their sense of community and our collective commission.  Those will also be celebrated this Sunday.

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday, a reminder that God is Three-in-One.  While we're monotheistic, our faith understands God to be multiple Persons.  It's confusing, yes, but also revealing - God is community, much like the Body of Christ is made up of many members (I Corinthians 12).  We reflect God best when we gather, worship, and serve as a community of faith.

And, we honor God when we recognize that God isn't satisfied with stagnancy.  God created for 6 days, culminating in making humankind in God's own in image, "in our image," by the way, according Genesis (Genesis 1:26-27).  Then, after a day of rest, God gets back to it. 

Getting back to it included many different ways of reclaiming and redeeming us, the greatest of those, the sufficient-for-all-time of those, was Jesus.  Never stagnant in his life of ministry among us, Jesus was also on the move after his resurrection.

Jesus' final act, according to Matthew, was to send us on our way (Matthew 28:16-20).  We are to go, he says.  We are to make disciples, he says.  We are to baptize and teach and remember he is always with us, he says.  We can't be stagnant.

Let's honor Jesus' presence and activity with ours this Sunday (and always).