Journey With Us: Day 10

As we finished our pilgrimage with Communion together, we thought about Jesus' continued presence with us.  He has promised to remain with us.  Receiving signs of that presence, his body and blood given for us, is an indication that his love never ends and that a relationship with him is possible whenever and wherever.

You don't have to be in Jerusalem to be in Jesus' presence.  Tomorrow at 12:15 his presence will be known at the Prayer and Communion Service in the Ingram Chapel. You can meet him there. That could be your pilgrimage. 

A pilgrimage is about more than visiting sites.  It's about bringing the experiences home with you, allowing it to remain with you, to continue to work on you.  That's our hope from this trip, that the time shared with God and each other in the Holy Land will make our life at home holier.

We're making our way back to the USA tonight.  We'll be back in Florence tomorrow afternoon. Please pray for our return trip and that what we've experienced will remain with us.