Journey With Us: Day 5

When the Sabbath begins this evening, we'll be at a resort by the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea is the lowest place on the earth's surface (1350 feet below sea level) and is rapidly shrinking.  There is an effort to bring water from the Red Sea to restore it, but they'd better hurry.  Aerial photography clearly shows new islands being formed as the water evaporates and the northern supply waters are being siphoned off for other uses.

We will float (not swim - any splash of Dead Sea water in your eyes is quite painful - it's 7 times denser than seawater and 10 times saltier than the ocean) in the sea, then relax at the resort.

It is a good place to spend a Sabbath, both a restful place for us and an interesting place to see how Jewish visitors observe the Sabbath.  We will avoid the Sabbath elevators, though, because they stop at every floor (so orthodox Jews won't have to break the Sabbath by doing the work of pressing the buttons to stop the elevators).

If you're in Florence, plan to worship at Central.  This Sunday will be Rev. Kathy Campbell's final sermon as one of Central's pastors.  She'll focus on Matthew 9:35-10:8 in the sanctuary.  Rev. Cattenhead will preach in The Well using Genesis 21:8-21 as the basis for his sermon.  Show them your support and God your love this Sunday.