Journey With Us: Day 3

We are in the Galilee region now.  You might know it by other names, too: Tiberias, Gennesaret.  For some reason, Galilee was thought of as a sea - it’s not, quite small - you can see across the width of it easily.  It was also known as Tiberias for a city that rests on its shores.  And, it was called, at times, the Lake of Gennesaret.  All the same body of water.

Jesus spent much time around this body of water.  Most of his ministry was in the vicinity of the Galilee.  We’ll go up to the Mount of Beatitudes today (Matthew 5:1-12) and consider those words that begin the Sermon on the Mount.  We’ll visit Capernaum, the site of many healings (Mark 1:21-2:17).  This is where Jesus performed miracles, such as feeding 5000 and walking on water (Mark 6:30-52).  It’s also one of the places Jesus met back up with the disciples in the resurrection (John 21:1-19).