Journey With Us

In yesterday's scripture Jesus said, "go."  His disciples had been told to go to Galilee and see him there.  They went, saw him there, and he told them to go, to keep going, to take his message to all the nations.

Today 17 people from Central are on our way.  Hopefully far more than that are on your way to go and take Jesus' message, but we're on our way to the Galilee and Jerusalem and other amazing places in between.

I thought it would be nice to give our children a daily glimpse into where we are.  Then I thought, well, why not whoever reads this?  So, please indulge me (or, at least, click on the daily Words From Will so I won't get relegated to the Clutter inbox before we return to our normal schedule) as I give a brief daily insight into where we are scheduled to go.  (Caveat: all trips come with diversions; we may not go exactly where we are scheduled on any given day and I'm writing these before we leave.)

I hope you'll find it worth the time to take a brief virtual journey with us.  And, I hope you'll one day be able to go yourself.  More on that tomorrow. 

For now, Shalom/Salem/Peace.