The Lord Is My...

I am hopeful that yesterday's modern interpretation of Psalm 23 might inspire you to come up with your own.

Using the original as a model, you can read through the lines and interpret them for a new context.  I used "The Lord is my Trail Guide" as a starting place.  A musician told me after the service that she has read a version that starts "The Lord is my Conductor."  Some of the railroad men around here might use the same opening line.

What's yours?  I hope you'll be inventive.  There is no shortage of options: coach, teacher, stage manager, etc.

Give it a shot.  Use the lines of Psalm 23 as a framework that guide your creative writing.  If you do so, you'll not only have spent more time with this timeless psalm, but will have also consider each word more carefully.

Have fun with it.  Let me know how it goes.

Grateful for the Good Shepherd,