Memorial Day Prayers

For this Memorial Day, I offer these prayers from the United Methodist Book of Worship:

Almighty God, for those who sacrificed themselves, our brothers and sisters who have given their lives for the sake of others, we lift up thankful hearts.

Righteous God, you rule the nations. 
Guard brave men and women in military service. 
Give them compassion for those who confront them as enemies. 
Keep our children from hate that hardens, or from score-keeping with human lives. 
Though for a season they must be people of war, let them live for peace, as eager for agreement as for victory.
Encourage them as they encourage one another, and never let hard duty separate them from loyalty to your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen. 

And from my heart:

Merciful God, bring peace to this your world, safety to those risking their lives and sacrificing the comforts of home to serve and protect in dangerous places, healing to places of war and strife, repentance and conversion to those bent on terror and devastation, restoration to those harmed by the horrors of warfare, and eternal life to those who have given their lives for others and for you.  Amen.