One fun Bible-nerd thing to do is find the threads between lectionary passages.  These are the suggested scripture selections for each week.  They are connected to the church year (resurrection stories during the Easter season) and often aligned in some form to one another.

This week's suggestions include Acts 17:22-34 and John 14:15-21.  What connections do you see to the Easter season and what connections do you see to one another when you read these together?

One connection I see is the attempt to sort out God.  That's a frequent theme in scripture and among humanity.  The Athenians are at it in the Acts passage and the disciples must have been at it in the John reading, if not before Jesus started talking then after they heard what he had to say about the Holy Spirit.

On Sunday, we'll be attempting to sort out God once again.  In the sanctuary, under the leadership of the Reverend Tom Pietila, Central's Pastor Emeritus, you'll hear (and experience) Tom discuss preaching to smart people, which he quite enjoys.  As do I, so some of you smart people join me in The Well as we think about what it means to have the Holy Spirit be with and in us.

See you Sunday,