Knowing the Father

The more we get to know, the less we need worry about a final destination.  Jesus has told us that he is the way, so he'll take care of that.  He already is.

For all the emphasis people want to put on what happens after we die, the Jesus we read about in the Bible was primarily concerned with what happens while we live.  He didn't want us to wait until we die to know the Father, he wanted us to know the Father now, while we are living.

To that end, Jesus made the bold statement that he and the Father are one - to know Jesus is to know the Father.  Take some time to consider what you know about Jesus (and, therefore, the Father).  If it's not much, pull out a Bible and start with one of the gospels.  Any will work, all 4 would be best.  What do Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John show you about Jesus?  Learning that, according to Jesus, also gives us a deeper understanding of the Father.

But, that's not the whole of it.  Conversation with Jesus (prayer) will help us know the Father better.  And, the Holy Spirit is a helpful guide - the gospel will remind us of that next Sunday.

For now, give some time to getting to know Jesus better and the worries about finding our way to the Father's home can be put to rest.