Knowing the Way

It seems patently logical that to know the way to a place means you know the location of that place.  If I told you that I'll see you in Marietta, North Carolina (the 200-person village where my mother grew up), you'd first wonder if that place actually exists, then need directions of some sort.  You wouldn't know how to get there without knowing where Marietta is.

When Jesus told the disciples (as he was preparing them for his death, resurrection, and ascension) that they knew the way to the place where he was going, Thomas balked.  How could they know the way to his Father's house without knowing where the house is?

Typical in John's gospel, the disciples were hearing literally what Jesus meant figuratively.  Jesus had to say it plainly - I'm the way (and the truth and the life).

Jesus changed the way from being a route to being a Person, which indicates something about the destination.  Read John 14:1-14 and see how Jesus as the way adds a deeper layer of meaning to the destination.

I hope you'll join us in worship this Sunday as John 14 guides our worship of the way in all three services.