Your Invitation to Jesus

After reflecting on the disciples' invitation to a stranger (who turned out to be Jesus - Luke 24:28-29) I hope you've given thought to some of the differences between assuming Jesus is with us and inviting him to be.

People are often guilty of assuming their loved ones will be with them.  We can be more direct, demanding, critical of those we are confident will still be around after we say whatever we say.  We wear more comfortable clothes, are messier, aren't as mannerly.  Some of that is good - a sign of confidence that the relationship is deep and lasting - we can be "real."  Still, some of the harsher parts of "being real" raise questions about just how much we take for granted those we commit to love and cherish with the best of what we are/have.

If we invite someone in we make adjustments - the house gets straightened (or, perhaps, things get hidden in closed rooms), the table is set, candles might be lit, there's a warm welcome, perhaps music is selected that the guest would enjoy.  We expect to do things differently because a guest has been invited over and we want to honor him/her/them.

Continue to think of what you might do differently to honor your invitation to Jesus, the guest.  Now, I'm talking about more than him over coming for a dinner party.  If you actually invite Jesus to be with you right now, right where you are, and throughout the day, wherever the day may take you, what does inviting Jesus to join you mean for those moments?  How might him accepting your invitation change your life?

I'm going to keep inviting him to stay with me.  I invite you to join me in that.