Pointing to Jesus

The point of the gospels is to point to Jesus. The grace of God is that Jesus wants to give us new and abundant life in him.

Yesterday's story (John 11) of the raising of Lazarus points directly to the compassionate and powerful Messiah who hurt for the heartache of others and who intervened to restore Lazarus to life. If we never found ourselves in the story it would be worth reading because of what it says about Jesus. Of course it's not difficult to find ourselves in it because it's universal.

Everyone deals with the death of loved ones. We all know of illnesses and deaths that we can't understand and want dealt with by some miraculous means. Those realities are universal. Another universal reality: we all find ourselves in different tombs throughout our lives and need Jesus to call us out of them.

For Lazarus the tomb was literal, but we don't have to be overly creative to think of parts of our lives that are preventing the fullness of life Jesus wants to give us. What is it that has you entombed in darkness? What is it that is causing your loved ones to grieve? What is grieving you?

Lazarus was restored to life and responded by staying connected to Jesus (they share a meal in John 12). He had the chance to experience new life in this life. So do you. Knowing Jesus, the resurrection and the life, how will you live new life today?