The Importance of Companionship

Many thanks to the United Methodist Women and their helpers who are pulling off a Herculean effort and organizational feat that would make 4-Star Generals proud.  This week's work has been something to behold.  May all who have been part of it rest well this weekend!

I hope everyone's weekend will also include worship Sunday.  Our services are built around Luke 24:13-35, the story of the walk to Emmaus.  It's a story about the importance of companionship in times of grief and confusion.  It's a reminder of the resurrected Jesus' presence with us, even when we don't expect it.  It's a witness to the faithfulness of gracious hospitality. 

Think of a time when you were hosted or were the host for another and felt God's presence in the midst of the shared time.  As the original Emmaus encounter is a cherished resurrection story, the Emmaus-like encounters since are more signs of resurrection among us.  Look for them.  Be part of them.  Thank God for them.

And, as we give God thanks this weekend, we're grateful for our Sunday School teachers who help us know and live these stories of our faith.  God bless each teacher for your ministry among us!  We look forward to honoring you Sunday.