The Season Continues

I used the more typical Easter greeting ("Happy Easter") with a few pastor friends yesterday.  Even though we were just five days into a 50-day season, their faces revealed that they were surprised to still be greeted that way.

The season continues, my friends.  Jesus' resurrection and the hope it gives us cannot be contained to a single Sunday or even a week.  It deserves a long season and beyond.

You'll want to be right back at Central this Sunday to keep the celebration going.

In the sanctuary at 9:00 and 11:15 a.m., Rev. Cattenhead will reflect on Jesus' resurrection appearance to Thomas (John 20:19-31).  Thomas, who was faithful enough to go with Jesus even if it meant his own death (John 11:16), was also challenged to believe that Jesus did, in fact, rise from the dead.  It is a challenge to accept something that has no precedent and for which we have no proof.  Still, many people have been willing to die because they believed this to be true and many others have come to believe without seeing a resurrected Jesus.

We will also celebrate during the 11:15 service the confirmation of 12 eighth graders who have come to believe that Jesus is the risen savior and want to serve him as their Lord.

In The Well, we have a special guest preacher, our District Superintendent, Rev. John Hipp.  He'll reflect on a familiar passage - John 3:12-17, which speaks of belief and eternal life.  We're always glad to have Rev. Hipp among us and appreciate his leadership in our district.

I hope you'll be with us in at least one of the services this Sunday.

Keep the Easter celebration going,