If You Are a Child of God

Rev. Campbell succeeded in making Greek interesting and helpful yesterday. She helped us understand that in Biblical Greek the devil’s if in “If you are the Son of God” is really “since.” “If you are the Son of God (and we know that you are)...”

Jesus showed that since he is the Son of God he didn’t have to satisfy his physical need for bread those 40 days - or prove that he could. Jesus didn’t need to force God to send angels to catch him from a fall - or prove that God would. He didn’t need to possess the known world, at least not in the sense that tempter meant “have” it.

By knowing who he was (the Son of God) Jesus was more confident in acting as the Son of God. When we don’t have to prove something to ourselves, we are better equipped to not have to prove it to others.

Kathy then challenged us. We are children of God. If you are a child of God (and we know that you are), what will you do in response to the grace of being brought into God’s family?

Even as you’re considering that important question, you might need to assess - do you know that you are a child of God? If so, can you act out of that place of confidence? It’s much easier to resist temptation and live faithfully when you know who you are.

You’re a child of God, accept it, celebrate it, and act like it.

I hope you’ll honor our loving Parent this Wednesday during the 12:30 Lenten service. This week’s preacher is Rev. Fran Elrod, pastor of Wesley UMC in Hartsville.