Are You a Reliable Partner in Ministry?

What do you want in a partner? You can think of a spouse or companion. You can think of a business partner or travel buddy. What do you want in a partner?

High on my list is reliability. I want my partners to do what they say they will do.

In a church with as many ministries as ours, we have to rely on one another for things to come together. No one can pull it off alone and no one can be part of everything.

Someone complimented me the other night for the Taste of Central's success. I deserved no credit for it, which I was glad to acknowledge. It is a joy to have an event as big and well-done as that one and to have not done anything more than buy some tickets. 

But, it would not have succeeded if only a person or two worked on it. The leadership had to plan and work and trust that those who accepted roles in the Taste of Central would do their part.

Two of the points I hoped to get across in yesterday's sermon was that God has made us partners in ministry, which means God needs us to not just to take the form of worship on Sundays, but embody the meaning of worship throughout the week. In other words, God needs us to be reliable partners, partners God can count on, who not only say on Sundays, "God wants us to care for his children/our siblings," but to do so throughout the week.

Early into this week, take stock - how might you become an even more reliable partner in ministry with God?