Listen to Me

I want you to read Isaiah 58:1-12 as if it is about a parent and child trying to get one another's attention.

It starts with the frustrated parent telling another to shout on his behalf. Is the parent too weary from shouting himself? Does he know what shouting won't really work, but in his frustration can't think of anything better to do?  He wants the child to listen.

Before the parent's surrogate can shout on his behalf, however, the parent lays the charge before the child: you have the appearance of obeying me without actually doing what I ask.

Then, it's the child's turn: When I do what you ask, you don't even notice.

The parent: You adjust what I ask into what you want to hear. When you start doing what I actually ask, I will give you more attention.

Such was Israel's life with God. In what ways is it ours? Read the scripture and give that some thought, then come to worship Sunday as we reflect on this together.

Helping the worshipers in The Well work through Isaiah will be The Reverend Dr. Reggie Lee. Reggie is the Congregational Specialist for the Florence and Marion Districts of the SC United Methodist Church. 

He has both his masters and doctorate degrees from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. He has also served in the US Marine Corps Reserve. Prior to coming to the South Carolina Annual Conference, Reggie served in Indiana and Maryland, including one cross-racial appointment. We are honored to welcome Dr. Lee to Central this Sunday.