Invest in One Another

This week I had a couple days in White Oak, South Carolina, for the Board of Ordained Ministry meeting. For the second consecutive meeting, I had the pleasure of enjoying the envy of my colleagues. As happened when they interviewed Rev. Cattenhead in November, so it was this week with Rev. Jiunnies - they wanted to know how they could get our strong clergy to work with them.

I didn't mind telling them to get their own, but the better response is for them and us to keep developing disciples and leaders like Derrick and Meg. They did well in their interviews because they were prepared. They do well in their ministry because they have been well-trained - and not just by seminaries or their time as part of Central's ministry staff. 

Their success is, in part, a result of God developing them among loving, supportive, and exemplary people like you. They were planted under the leadership of some Sunday School teachers and coaches and pastors along the way. Their faith was watered by witnesses who engaged them in caring conversations and who demonstrated actions that matched the words of the faith. God gave them growth and they are now leading us as God's servants, helping us work together.

It's exactly what St. Paul had in mind as his aspirations for the Corinthian Church (see 1 Corinthians 3:1-9).  It's our continued calling to invest in one another in such ways.

Our newest clergy (who will be ordained (Derrick) and commissioned (Meg) on June 5) will bring messages to us this Sunday based on 1 Corinthians 3:1-9. Come hear the word and celebrate their success, which you have helped them and others to achieve.