"Jesus Must Be Smiling"

Our Lay Leader, Johnny Crouch, said yesterday during his Charge Conference report that he believes "Jesus must be smiling" about the ministries happening in and through Central Church.  I sure hope so.

As we prepared the Charge Conference materials, including this year-in-review slide show, it did make me smile to reflect on the various ways we are worshiping and serving the Lord and inviting others into that.  You can read several reflections on the state of the church and see the now-elected 2018 leaders by clicking here. To allow privacy of the files for Central members, these are saved in Realm so you will be asked to log in to view them. If you do not have a login already set up, please check your email for your Realm invite and follow the instructions to do so before clicking on the link. Call the church office at 843-662-3218 if you have any questions. If you would like to read the files later, just log into your Realm account at that time and click on Groups, then choose the group titled "Central United Methodist Church" and click on "Files." They will continue to be listed there.

Our morning worship services yesterday included Jesus' admonition to keep awake, to be alert and ready for his return.  The full schedule of ministry we have can cause one to sleep well, which I said in my sermon might be an indication that we have been awakened to the right things (a relationship with our loving God and to his call to serve him with our lives).

Rev. Cattenhead noted in his sermon that in Advent we've begun a new season of hope.

The many and various ministries we are part of at Central aren't intended to keep us awake through busy work (that's the kind of thing that lulls our spirits to sleep).  They are intended to awaken us to the hope we find in Jesus Christ and the joy that comes in an ongoing, developing relationship with him.  They are intended to help us experience the joy that comes in serving him by serving others.  These are the very results we aim for with the active ministry that is going on here.  And they are the reason I can smile as I reflect on the good work that Central's congregation, staff, and pastors have been part of this year.  They are why I am hopeful that Jesus is smiling, too.