Inhale the Meaning of Christmas

There is often a moment on Christmas Day when I sneak off to a quiet spot and exhale.  Part of the exhale is from all the worship we prepared for and enjoyed the night before (and, this year, the morning before, as well).  Part of the exhale is that there is finally a break in the frenzy of gift-giving and eating and loved (if loud) family gathered together. Part of the exhale is to breathe in another deep breath before the next frenzy begins.

Today I hope the exhale will lead to inhaling.  I'd like to inhale the gift that is the meal, rather than just the food.  I'd like to inhale the kindness shown in the gifts and not just the items in the packaging.  I'd like to inhale the essence of the people I'm with and not be too tired or distracted to enjoy them.

Today, of all days, I'd like inhale the Spirit of God with us and all that that means for today and every day to come.

I hope you've figured out how to inhale the meaning of Christmas or that you will figure it out sometime this season.

Wishing you joy and peace this Christmastide!