"Slow as Christmas"

For many adults "slow as Christmas" hasn't been the problem since childhood.  When you aren't desperate for that one particular toy and, instead, are wondering how you'll find time to get that one toy and everything else done before Christmas, the clock speeds up.

The clock really sped this year in terms of Advent.  This is the shortest one we could possibly have since the 4th Sunday of Advent is on the same day as Christmas Eve.

Hurry to one of the services before Advent slips away.  (Remember, the ONE 9:00 AM service will be in The Well (Davis Christian Life Center) and the 11:15 AM service will be in the sanctuary.)

For too many, Advent has already ended, but don't be one of those.  The message of Advent 4 is too good to miss.  As we learn from Luke 1:26-38, when the Lord is with you, God can do what was formerly impossible, so let it be with you according to God's word.

Sunday evening (Christmas Eve) we'll celebrate the impossible - God being born in human flesh to humble people people in the humblest of places.  The traditional reading of Luke 2:1-20 will launch our celebration of this glorious, mysterious thing God has done.  Our service will include music you've been longing to sing in worship (and have been singing proudly in your car and home - I know, I've been doing it, too.  Don't tell anyone.), Holy Communion, and candle-lighting.

Give Jesus, Central, and yourself the gift of being in worship Sunday at 9:00 or 11:15 AM and at 4:00 or 6:00 PM.