Commemorating All Saints

Sunday we will commemorate All Saints.  The actual All Saints Day was Wednesday.  Wednesday, the day we learned more about a murderous act where a man chose to deliberately mow down people on a bicycle pathway in New York City.

It immediately felt personal to me.  I thought of my mother and me riding bikes on a path in Salzburg.  How wonderful our memory of that day is, that day when we saw so much beauty, at our own pace, without a worry in the world.

It was just a few months after that when I was traveler in Argentina, walking through their largest city without a thought of being mowed down by a misguided terrorist.

On Tuesday, 5 Argentines were on a carefree trip in our country, celebrating 30+ years of friendship while riding bicycles.  They lost their lives because a man was taught to do a horrible act.  He was a student of something that is abhorrent to the vast majority of the world, and his victims and their families and all who want to make memories on a carefree day on a bicycle pay the price.

The saints we'll commemorate this Sunday learned and exemplified better lessons.  They were Jesus' students.  All of his followers are students of the one who taught us to love, not hate; to help bring life, not death; to operate courageously for others, not in cowardly acts against unsuspecting people.  We are constantly learning how these and other teachings are to be applied in our lives.

That's what it means to be his students - to learn and seek to live what he taught.

In the sanctuary this Sunday, we will consider what it means to be his students, reflecting on Matthew 23:1-12.

In The Well, our attention will be on a passage regularly assigned for All Saints Day: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 - an encouraging word for those who have loved and lost.

All Saints Sunday is always a meaningful time to worship.  It's a time to remember our fellow students, those disciples who've gone before us from our church, as well as others dear to us who have died in the faith.  Come and honor them and the one in whose love their lives will never end.