Rules and Commandments

The children, as expected, did very well leading us in worship yesterday.  I'm grateful to everyone who gives time, prayers, and support to make our children's ministry excellent.

More times than any other Sunday I can think of, the word "rules" was used yesterday.  "Rules" must be one of the early vocabulary words for children; it's certainly a word they are quite familiar with by elementary school.

Rules can seem stifling until you imagine a world without rules, then you start to think about how much of a gift they are.  If we interpret the traffic signals differently or one of us disobeys them entirely, we're in for bad days.  Rules help keep order.  Rules would free us from worry if we could trust that everyone was doing their level best to obey them.

Imagine the world God wanted for the Israelites when he gave the 10 Commandments.  How much better would life be if you never had to worry if someone was stealing, lying, treating someone who isn't his spouse as if she were, coveting, making idols, or dishonoring God.

I know, I know, "It would be, but we can't trust that of others."  Certainly that has proven itself true since the first days of the Commandments, but rather than giving up because others aren't operating faithfully, shouldn't our primary task be to operate as faithfully as we can?

How long can you go without breaking one of the Commandments (child-friendly version) below?  Be intentional.  Stay focused.  Find the joy in living a life where you are doing what you can (with the aid of the Holy Spirit) instead of justifying where you fail by comparing yourself to another.

If all 10 seems to be too great a task for the week (or today!), pick the one that you think you struggle with most.  Can you go an entire day without lying?  Can you go an entire day without lusting?  Can you go an entire day without coveting?  Oh, that we might.

Here's to finding the truth in the Psalm 19:7's claim: The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.

  1. No other gods before God.
  2. Don't throw God's name around.
  3. Don't treat something or someone like a god who isn't God.
  4. Rest one day in 7.
  5. Honor your parents.
  6. Don't kill.
  7. Don't treat someone who isn't your husband or wife like he or she is.
  8. Don't steal.
  9. Don't lie.
  10. Don't want what your friend has too badly.