David Calls Him Lord

The gospel lesson for Sunday combines one of the more familiar stories from Jesus' life, with one of the least familiar.  You can read both in Matthew 22:34-46

This is the conclusion of Jesus' back-and-forth with those bent on besting him in arguments.  The Sadducees have tried and failed and this passage includes the Pharisees' last effort (and failure).

We may wonder why they wanted so badly to prove their way of thinking and disprove Jesus', that is until we recognize how we are in an argument that matters to us.  Like us, they were protecting what they believed to be true.  The religious authorities felt threatened by what Jesus was saying and doing and, perhaps even more so, by what people were saying about him.  Challenges to our thoughts and beliefs make us protective and defensive. 

Going to the heart of the religious leaders' angst, Jesus offered them a challenge they couldn't defeat - how could David's son be the messiah if David calls him Lord?  You wouldn't call your son (or descendant), "Lord."  There must be something more to the messiah than simply being the anointed one out of David's descendants.  In a truth that confounds chronology but comports to our doctrine of the Trinity, David's descendant, Jesus, was both before David and after him.

As you reflect on Sunday's reading, consider what you understand about the lordship of Jesus.  What does that mean to you and how it is displayed in your life?

I hope you'll be here to worship the Lord with us this Sunday.