Reaffirm Your Covenant

The Church uses covenantal language to talk about reaffirming our baptisms. That's appropriate; it's certainly more significant than other renewals in our lives. Even so, let's use those other renewals to think about our reaffirmation.

Renewals tend to be quid pro quo. You pay for the magazine subscription renewal and the magazines appear in your mailbox. You renew your membership to the fitness center or other organizations, you get a right to participate in what they offer.

On a broader level, there is a relationship between what you renew and who you are - the magazine subscription reflects your interests, the organization hopes you'll represent them well

In reaffirming our baptisms, we honor the gift of God ("all of this is God's grace offered to us without price") by wanting to respond in ways that represent Christ well.

In baptism and in reaffirmation, we promise to "remain faithful members of Christ's holy church and serve as Christ's representatives in the world."

Grace and baptism are free gifts, but reaffirming them is our way of saying we want to offer ourselves in response. We want to participate in what God offers - the abundant life in Christ, the mission of the Church, the joy of having God take our dimly burning wicks and turn them into a light for those around us.

Take a moment right now and, once again, reaffirm your covenant to serve the God we know in Jesus Christ as your Lord, your Savior, and your friend.