Fifteen Years Later...

It's hard to believe that this Sunday will be the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11. That date, like too many others (Dec. 7, 1941, Nov. 22, 1963, April 4, 1968, and June 17, 2015), sticks out in our collective memory.

There are certain moments that freeze in our minds. "I remember where I was when...," we say about moments like these. I imagine most of us can tell the story of where we were when we heard about the 9/11 attack.

We did not know then what the next fifteen years would bring. We considered all sorts of possibilities and our leaders, military, intelligence communities, police, and first responders have tried to minimize the worst of those scenarios. They have served facing the tremendous challenge of an ever-morphing and undefined enemy. They haven't gotten it all right, but they deserve our appreciation for their best efforts and sacrifices.

Fifteen years later we continue to brace for the next terror attack, but we also continue to live. We have not been driven into bunkers. We have not become terrorists. Instead, we have shown that the vast majority of people in our nation and our world want a more peaceful, just, and free society, and we live guided by that rather than fear and hate.

This Sunday's services will include reflections on 9/11, as we commemorate the solemn occasion.

In the sanctuary, the sermon and anthem will reflect the story of Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28:10-22). Click here to read the powerful story behind the anthem and its relationship to 9/11. The Well will also commemorate the day reflecting on the powerful words of Psalm 14.

I hope you'll be with us or with others for worship Sunday. It's what we all ran to do on September 16, 2001.  It's no less needful today.