Take Up the Cross

Happy, Labor Day! I hope you're enjoying a nice one. Or, if you're reading this on Tuesday beneath an avalanche of work that piled up over the weekend, blessings on digging out.

I continue to ponder Jesus' words to us this weekend. His high calling to costly discipleship is increasingly gracious to me. I'm starting to hear less condemnation in it and more encouragement.

Here is Jesus saying to us, his followers, "You can get the order right. You can prioritize God in your life. You can take up the cross and follow him. You can be a faithful disciple."

It won't be easy - there are costs to be counted - but his Spirit will give us what we need to give him our lives. What a compliment that Jesus sees this in us and asks it of us.

Jesus' challenge to us is to give him our best, to love him the most, to follow him to the fullest because he deserves it and because he's gracious enough to believe we actually can.

Here's to believing it and to actually giving our all for the one who gave us his all.