Your Time to Perform

Meg Jiunnies took from a passage most of us would not want to preach (John 15:18-27) and gave us what most of us need to hear: We are called to follow Jesus, but to do so will include difficult days and, at times, the world's scorn. Even so, we are not alone. God is with us. God has given us each other. And, God has prepared and equipped us for his faithful service. She then left us hanging with the decision of how we are going to respond.

I've been to a few young person recitals-primarily piano and dance-where the individual child is put in a situation he or she has rarely experienced. Standing or sitting in front of a room filled with people (and cameras), the child is asked to perform what has been practiced. The equipment has been provided (a piano, dancing outfit), the preparation has been done (practice and rehearsals), and now it's time to perform.

If you've been there, you know that some children freeze under all that attention and expectation. Others perform amazingly well. All bring smiles to their adoring fans' faces just for committing to something and even beginning to attempt to perform it.

Meg told us that God has equipped and prepared us. Now we're the ones on the stage. God and others are our smiling audience, leaning forward, ready to hear those first few notes that have been practiced endlessly at home or watch those memorized steps get tapped out. The faithful are with you, beside you, cheering for you, ready to watch how you'll respond to what God has prepared you to do. You've been given the equipment and preparation, now perform for a smiling God that is watching.