Mercy and Grace

I went to the Healing and Holy Communion Service yesterday feeling a bit like a student who didn’t do his homework. It has been a week where the piles have gotten deeper, not lighter, and the time I was hoping to have for preparing a few thoughts to share with those faithful Healing Service participants was eaten up by other pressing issues.

I walked in and confessed that, read to them a devotion from a book, and we carried on with the rest of the service.

They were all so very gracious about it. Afterwards they came and thanked me for being honest about what my week has held and still showing up to offer what I did. It was just what I needed.

Sometimes we speak of grace and mercy as though it’s only about forgiveness or dealing with “major issues.” The truth is, when you’re carrying around a lot, coming up even a little short can feel like a major failure. For others to say, “It’s okay. We’re very grateful for what you did. Thank you,” is merciful and gracious.

Thank you for giving similar support and encouragement to the rest of Central’s staff and pastors. In these busy days, when we, like many of you, feel like we’re barely keeping the various plates spinning, it’s nice to hear your appreciation and support.

Please continue your support this Sunday when Meg Jiunnies will offer the sermon she is submitting to the Annual Conference as part of her work toward ordination. She will speak in the sanctuary based on John 15:18-27. Rev. Derrick, who offered his ordination sermon in August, will be back in The Well preaching from 1 Timothy 2:1-7.

In all three services, we will honor the Legacy Members of Central - those 492 devoted persons who have been members of this church for between 25 and 50 years. Amazing commitment. Amazing church.

Thank you for the grace, mercy, and commitment,