Connecting Heaven and Earth

Yesterday's sanctuary anthem connected the 9/11 events with the Jacob's Ladder story (Genesis 28:10-22). We reflected on God's presence in the midst of terror, disaster, and personal tragedy. As God was with Jacob in his loneliness and fear (despite Jacob's bad behavior), so is God with us in all that we face.

In addition to God being with us in pain and sorrow, 9/11 gave us another lesson. Just as the angels ascending and descending the ladder in Jacob's dream connected heaven and earth, so did the firefighters who climbed into the burning, falling buildings to rescue as many people as they could. Their devotion to preserve life at the risk of their own connected heaven and earth.

As people of faith, we are called to do no less. Most of us are not called to be firefighters, but all of us are called to connect heaven and earth. We are to be those who sacrifice, serve, care, respond, risk, and love for the sake of the gospel.

Angels are messengers. They introduce God's presence. They help people realize that they are not alone - God and his people are with them. Be an angel today; connect heaven and earth.