A True Sabbath

I'm writing this before I have a chance to read or listen to yesterday's sermons. I've already been told that Derrick and Art had very good sermons, that Kathy and Meg led worship well, and that the music was as good as always-none of which surprise me in the least. I wasn't worried before I left and became increasingly unworried about many things while I was away enjoying a true Sabbath. 

My son and I joined three others on a hiking/camping adventure on the Appalachian Trail. It was a great pleasure to experience the beauty of God's creation without being accessible by cell phone or interrupted by any other technology. Sharing that time with those friends, and especially my son, was great. Watching Mac do well on a very difficult hike gave me even more respect for him as his self-confidence grew. It was an amazing experience.

It was also a reminder of the following reasons God designed Sabbath into the rhythm of life:

  1. to have scheduled time with God
  2. to rest realizing that God can handle it
  3. to let go realizing God has other workers to help shoulder the burden.

I returned refreshed, at peace, and grateful for the many gifted people (lay and clergy) who God is using around here to help wonderful ministry happen. I'm also already looking forward to my next walk in the woods.