Fear and Love

We should fear fear. It may not be the only thing we have to fear, but it is something that can control us and limit us. We make poorer decisions when we’re afraid. We don’t see the world, particularly those with whom we share it, very positively when we’re afraid.

Unfortunately, fear isn’t something we usually choose. It’s more like it happens to us, and then we think it’s perfectly reasonable to fear and that those who aren’t afraid are the ones not being reasonable.

Along comes Jesus who tells us, “Do not be afraid.” If only it were that simple. Read Luke 12:32-34 to consider how he could be so bold. Then come to the sanctuary services Sunday and hear Art Justice (our guest preacher) share what he’s gleaned about this.

Or, combat fear with its potent anti-venom: love. Rev. Cattenhead will begin a three-week sermon series in The Well entitled Love Is As Love Does! This week he’ll reflect on “The Expectations of Love,” drawing on Ecclesiastes 12:1-13.

Or, enjoy both.

May you be given to love more than you fear today, tomorrow, and always.