Decisions, Decisions

We have choices throughout each day of our lives.

Some are so simple and obvious we don't think of them as choices. There's no stress involved; you just do it.

The stress comes when we have more difficult decisions. They are either difficult because what should be done isn't obvious or difficult because the obvious thing to do is difficult.

Loving well consists of difficult decisions, including how to treat neighbors. A generous act toward a neighbor may mean less fun money for your family, but showing kindness to the neighbor may well be the best thing for your family. Decisions, decisions, which often lead to stress.

You might be surprised to learn that Jesus is described as stressed. We'll hear that Sunday in the sanctuary (Luke 12:49-56) and think about stress together.

In The Well, Rev. Cattenhead will continue his three-part series on love, this time looking at Jesus teaching on the greatest commandment: Matthew 22:37-40.

Join us for one or both of the services.

I also hope some of you will make it to the Florence Veterans Park tomorrow (Saturday, August 13) at 10:00 a.m. when our own Paul Rung will receive the South Carolina Prisoner of War Medal. 

I hope to see you Sunday.