You Can Come Home!

A number of people came up to me yesterday to say they wished their (adult) children had heard the message that they could come home.

I don't know the circumstances that their children are facing, but the pain was obvious in each parent's eyes. You never stop being a parent. You always want a meaningful relationship with your child and the best for your child. For those who have chosen to worship God, you include a relationship with God in what you want for your child.

No parent wants a child to feel that they are too far gone for their Heavenly Father or earthly parents to accept back home. 

The Bible's witness is that God is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. God stands ready to welcome us home and even actively seeks us out, but our saying that (repeatedly) hasn't convinced everyone.

I don't know how to convince people that they can come home. Words alone won't do it (there are plenty who offer contrary words, such as, "once you change, then you can come home"). Words of invitation that are countered by actions which reveal what we really think ("once you change, then you can come home") won't do it.

Perhaps starting with "God has welcomed me home despite my disobedience and drifting away" might do it. It, at least, will get us closer to being the kind of people who can say with integrity, "You can come home!"