Rejoice or Despair?

Whether you are in the sanctuary or the Davis Center this Sunday, you will hear familiar passages of scripture.

Rev. Cattenhead will preach from  Philippians 4:4-8 in the The Well, and I will preach from Luke 10:25-37 in the sanctuary. Try to make time to read both before Sunday, regardless of which service you will attend.

Philippians encourages us to rejoice and keep our minds on positive things. We often do the opposite—despair and keep our minds on negative things. Pay attention to which way you tend to go this weekend. 

Also, think about which way you tend to go when it comes to need. Is it away from need or toward it? There was something about "the Good Samaritan" that led him to go toward a stranger in need, rather than away from him. Wonder what led him there? Wonder what leads us in the directions we tend to go? Why do we sometimes go toward need and sometimes away?

We'll think about these things Sunday, but I hope you will before and after.  The life we're given to live in Christ, full of joyful service, is to be lived every day of the week.

See you Sunday,