Maybe God Wants to Hear from You

For those who heard my thoughts on prayer yesterday, I hope you believed me that when you pray, it's like being with the best Father all day long. If so, I hope you're enjoying being with the Father today. If you missed the sermon yesterday, you can listen to it here

As you're moving through your day, what are you noticing that God would want to hear about from you? If you recognize that you can't know precisely what God wants to hear, then consider what you want to hear from the people you love.

You might say, "First off, I'd like to hear from the people I love more often." Any chance that God might say that about you?

I don't particularly enjoy phone calls, so my calls to my grandmother are too brief (and, I admit, too infrequent). I doubt she'd ever complain about me telling her details about my life. It doesn't all have to be interesting for her to enjoy hearing from me about them. Any chance that's the case with God?

Try it out. One of Jesus' gifts to us was to show God in the flesh, among us, real. Another was to send the Spirit to keep God very present. Accept the gift of God not only being powerful and mighty and the creator of the universe, but also wanting to hear from you and share with you, the gift of God wanting to be your heavenly Father.